Play Nice.

Think Long Term.

Play Nice.

Think Long Term.

Supporting Fast Growing Early Growth Startups


O.G. Tech is a founder-friendly multi-stage VC primarily focused on Early Growth opportunities, typically B and C rounds. We team up with passionate founders and ambitious teams seeking to disrupt existing industries and create new markets.

O.G. Tech is a single LP fund founded and backed by Eyal Ofers, Ofer Global. Eyal Ofer has been a long-time investor in a range of successful technology businesses and is a committed supporter of technology innovation. Eyal Ofer and the private portfolio of international businesses within Ofer Global use their vast experience, insight, and global network to help O.G. Tech’s portfolio companies and founders grow and succeed. 

As Managing Partners of O.G. Tech Partners, Roy Oron and Ziv Kop are leveraging their extensive experience as multi-stage investors, C-Level operators, and as Board members of both private and public tech companies.

Our unique structure allows us to be fully flexible and enables our portfolio companies to benefit from fast decision-making, long term commitment, and a broad global network.

If you are a fast-growing startup with a strong product-market fit and a proven go-to-market – talk to us.

Launched in
$5 - 5 M
Typical initial check size


AI-powered construction management platform Buildots lands $60M

June 1, 2022

In the construction industry, managers can become disconnected from what’s happening on-site — particularly when dealing with pandemic-related disruptions. Among the top hurdles are staying on top of costs, communicating with all stakeholders and assessing risk related to aspects like contractor billing and performance. The disconnect can lead to delays and unanticipated expenses.

ARBE, O.G. Tech’s Portfolio Company, Wins TECH.AD EUROPE AWARD 2022

April 11, 2022

Arbe, the global leader in next-generation 4D Imaging Radar Solutions, today announced that it won the Tech.AD Europe 2022 Award in the category of Sensor Perception